North Scottish Golfers Alliance
North Scottish Golfers' Alliance

2014/2015 Results

Inverness  - 25th October 2014

Jeff Wright (Forres) won saturday's North Scottish Golfers' Alliance fixture at Inverness by one stroke with a one over par 70. Despite 3 bogeys in the last 6 holes he held on to his advantage, Kyle Godsman (Moray) had earlier bogeyed the last for 71 after driving into a bush on his way to a closing bogey.

Leading Scratch scores:

70 J Wright (Forres);

71 K Godsman (Moray);

73 A Cameron (Fortrose & Rosemarkie), S Mullen (Elgin);

74 D Joel (Inverness), C Gaittens (Fortrose & Rosemarkie);

75 N Mcwilliam (Elgin);

76 B J Thomson (Torvean), J Simpson (Forres);

77 R Mckerron (Forres), I Murray (Boat of Garten), D Mcgrouther (Inverness);

78 K Thomson (Moray), B Fotheringham (Inverness), R H Stewart (Torvean);

79 D F Sharp (Boat of Garten), A Waterson (Grantown);

80 K Barnett (Torvean);

81 R Black (Pro)(Inverness), A W Mair (Moray), D Thom (Grantown), D Johnston (Moray), D Hector (Elgin), G Milne (Elgin), W Rusk (Nairn), M Lyall (Torvean);

Handicap Section One (7 and under)

70 S Mullen (Elgin)(3);

72 D Mcgrouther (Inverness)(5), I Murray (Boat of Garten)(5);

73 D F Sharp (Boat of Garten)(6);

74 D Thom (Grantown)(7), A Waterson (Grantown)(5);

Handicap Section Two (8 to 18)

71 M Lyall (Torvean)(11), W Rusk (Nairn)(10);

72 L Hutchison (Inverness)(12)

74 J Macdonald (Inverness)(16), L Duncan (Elgin)(8), D M Macleod (Loch Ness)(13);

Grantown on Spey - 18th October 2014

Kevin Thomson (Moray) convincingly won Saturday's fixture at Grantown by three strokes from playing partner Kyle Godsman (Moray). Birdies came at the 3rd, 9th, 13th, 14th, 17th and 18th. An eagle at the 6th was followed by a bogey at the 7th.

Leading Scratch scores;

63 K Thomson (Moray);

66 K Godsman (Moray);

68 S Dingwall (Grantown), D Joel (Inverness), B J Thomson (Torvean), B R Fotheringham (Inverness);

69 J Wright (Forres);

70 K Barnett (Torvean), C Stuart (Moray), J Simpson (Forres),

71 N Mcwilliam (Elgin), M Mcallan (Pro)(Elgin), J S D Campbell (Grantown), R Harrower (Pro)(Boat of Garten);

73 A J England (Moray), S Wilson (Inverness);

74 J A Grant (Grantown), I Murray (Boat of Garten), A Waterson (Grantown);

75 B Cruickshank (Spey Bay), A W Mair (Moray), D Mcgrouther (Inverness), P Matheson (Grantown);

76 L Stewart (Grantown);

77 I Macaulay (Elgin), J Shaw (Boat of Garten), A Henry (Inverness), S Mullen (Elgin), G Cruickshank (Spey Bay);

78 R Mckerron (Forres), R H Stewart (Torvean);

Handicap Section one (7 and under)

67 K Barnett (Torvean)(3);

68 D Joel (Inverness)(Scr), B J Thomson (Torvean)(Scr);

69 I Murray (Boat of Garten)(5), A Waterson (Grantown)(5), N Mcwilliam (Elgin)(1);

Handicap Section Two (8 to 18)

68 G Cruickshank (Spey Bay)(9), D Mcwilliam (Elgin)(12), M Lyall (Torvean)(11);

70 J Macdonald (Inverness)(16), C Small (Nairn)(12), L Dickson (Boat of Garten)(17), A Fraser (Inverness)(18) R Lyon (Boat of Garten)(11);


Moray New - 11 October 2014

Last competitor to tee off Professional Alan Duncan (unattached) but a member at Elgin won Saturday's North Scottish Golfers' Alliance fixture at Moray over the New Course. His two under par 67 included bogeys at the 3rd and 7th with birdies coming at the 2nd, 5th,16th & 17th.
Leading Scratch scores:
67 A J Duncan (pro)(Elgin);
68 D Joel (Inverness), B J Thomson (Torvean), J S D Campbell (Grantown);
70 D Ramsay (Pro)(Moray), C Stuart (Moray), A W Mair (Moray), A J England (Moray);
71 J Simpson (Forres), B Fotheringham (Inverness), R Harrower (Pro)(Boat of Garten), D Hector (Elgin), R H Stewart (Torvean);
72 P Masson (Rothes);
73 D R Mackellar (Grantown), G H Hay (Grantown), J Wright (Forres), W Donnelly (Fortrose & Rosemarkie);
74 B Cruickshank (Spey Bay), M Mcallan (Pro)(Elgin), K Godsman (Moray), J Shaw (Boat of Garten);
75 K Thomson (Moray), W Hutchison (Inverness);
76 K Barnett (Torvean), G Cruickshank (Spey Bay), W F Thomson (Moray), C C Macdonald (Elgin);
77 J K England (Moray), A Waterson (Grantown), G Hamilton (Moray), D Johnston (Moray), B Coupar (Boat of Garten), G Milne (Elgin), P Matheson (Grantown);
78 R Morrison (Spey Bay), R R Adams (Moray), V Tilman (Muir of Ord), R Stewart (Nairn Dunbar);
79 W R Duncan (Moray),l G Allan (Nairn Dunbar), J A Grant (Grantown), D Thom (Grantown), S Taylor (Boat of Garten);
Handicap Section one (7 and under)
65 P Masson (Rothes)(7);
66 A J England (Moray)(4);
68 W Hutchison (Inverness)(7);
69 A W Mair (Moray)(1), D Hector (Elgin)(2), R H Stewart (Torvean)(2);
Handicap Section two (8 and over)
64 D R Mackellar (Grantown)(9), L Dickson (Boat of Garten)(18);
65 W F Thomson (Moray)(11);
66 G Cruickshank (Spey Bay)(10);
67 A Grigor (Boat of Garten)(14); 

Garmouth - 04 October 2014

Allan Cameron (Fortrose & Rosemarkie) won Saturday's North Scottish Golfers@ Alliance fixture at Garmouth & Kingston with a two under par 65. In all 11 players broke 70. He birdied the 1st, 6th, 10th, 11th, & 12th bogeyed 3rd,4th,and 15th. (Short par 3 with River Spey off LHS of green.)  The margin of victory was one stroke from Jeff Wright (Forres), Kyle Godsman (Moray), and Michael Mcallan (Professional at Elgin). Best nine of the day came from Bryan Fotheringham with 29 back.
Leading Scratch scores:
65 R A L Cameron (Fortrose & Rosemarkie);
66 J Wright (Forres), K Godsman (Moray), M Mcallan (Pro)(Elgin);
67 B R Fotheringham (Inverness), G H Hay (Grantown), J S D Campbell (Grantown), W Donnelly (Fortrose & Rosemarkie);
68 D Hector (Elgin), K Barnett (Torvean), D Joel (Inverness);
70 S Dingwall (Grantown), S Mullen (Elgin), A J Duncan (Pro)(Elgin) ;
71 K Thomson (Moray), A W Mair (Moray), R Stewart (Nairn Dunbar), A J England (Moray), G Allan (Nairn Dunbar);
72 D Ramsay (Pro)(Moray), G Milne (Elgin), L Duncan (Elgin);
73 D Johnston (Moray), J Simpson (Forres), A Macintosh (Torvean);
74 T Madden (Elgin), S Johnston (Elgin), A Waterson (Grantown), F Mackellar (Grantown), J A Grant (Grantown);
75 J K England (Moray), R Harrower (Pro)(Boat of Garten), A Hutchison (Inverness), L Hutchison (Inverness);
76 S Wilson (Inverness), A Casey (Moray), R Mckerron (Forres), C Small (Nairn);
77 B Rennie (Inverness), G Donaldson (Elgin), V Tilman (Muir of Ord), R Mackie (Rothes);
78 S Taylor (Boat of Garten);
Handicap Section One (7 and under)
63 W Donnelly (Fortrose & Rosemarkie)(4);
65 D Hector (Elgin)(3), K Barnett (Torvean)(3);
66 A Macintosh (Torvean)(7);
67 G Allan (Nairn Dunbar)(4), A J England (Moray)(4), R Stewart (Nairn Dunbar)(4), D Johnston (Moray)(6), G Milne (Elgin)(5), S Mullen (Elgin)(3);
Handicap Section Two (8 to 18)
62 L Hutchison (Inverness)(13);
64 C Small (Nairn)(12), L Duncan (Elgin)(8);
66 B Creighton (Muir of Ord)(14), T Madden (Elgin)(10), F Mackellar (Grantown)(8), A Casey (Moray)(10);